MGS 2020 Event Branding

Event Branding, Video & Animation, PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations, UI Strategy, Applied Branding

MGS 2020 Event Branding

4,790 event registrations
47% live attendance

Bringing to life Diligent’s first virtual event

Diligent Corporation is a SaaS company that pioneered the concept of modern governance—the practice of empowering businesses with technology, insights, and processes that fuel good governance in the digital age. Through its annual Modern Governance Summit (MGS), Diligent continues to demonstrate its position as a thought leader by sharing valuable insights and strategies around corporate governance that help professionals drive positive change in their organizations.

In 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic brought the whole world online, the Diligent team sought to re-create its MGS experience on a virtual platform. We supported Diligent through every phase of the project, from developing the overarching theme to crafting the finer details of the virtual event experience.

  • A unique concept that translates Diligent’s vision and the event’s core message into a succinct theme name
  • A holistic conceptual framework—including visual and narrative direction—that serves as the foundation for every aspect of the event
  • A distinct and highly dynamic visual identity that builds upon Diligent’s branding system, and can be effectively applied across both static and motion-based event assets
  • A comprehensive UI strategy for the platform, created in collaboration with Diligent and its web development team
  • Multiple videos—using motion graphics, live video, soundtracks and voiceover—to accentuate the event’s theme and communicate its unique story
  • Keynote presentations for the senior leadership team that incorporate the event’s visual identity and communicate complex subject matter in an easy-to-digest format
Lead the moment—theme and concept note created for the event.
Lead the moment—theme and concept note created for the event.

A virtual platform creates seamless user journeys and a cohesive event experience.

Keynote sessions drive impact and engagement throughout the event.

Opening videos combine narrative and visual elements to tell a captivating story, and set the tone for the event.

Animated videos—with text and motion graphics—heighten the experiential value of the platform.

An engagement-focused virtual experience

MGS 2020 was the result of in-depth collaboration—with Diligent as well as its video production and web development teams. With a sharp focus on Diligent’s desired business outcomes, we ensured the virtual event platform delivered a unique and engaging experience from start to finish. MGS 2020 brought together governance professionals from diverse industries, creating a space to share crucial insights and define strategies for the future at a time when organizations everywhere needed it the most.