Whitepaper Content
and Design Refresh

Applied Branding, Editorial Content and Design, Infographics

Whitepaper Content
and Design Refresh

Reimagining and enhancing DSM collateral

DSM Engineering Materials—a global leader in high-performance materials—provides solutions for sustainable development in rapidly evolving industries such as automotive and electronics. Its growing portfolio of solutions solves complex design challenges, empowering manufacturers to accelerate innovation, and build the foundation for smarter, sustainable living.

As the brand and its product portfolio evolved, we worked closely with the DSM Engineering Materials team to refresh a series of whitepapers—supporting the company’s transition to a new brand direction, and aligning significant collateral with its sales and marketing strategy.

  • A visual and narrative framework that amplifies the impact of individual whitepapers while adhering to a cohesive branded system across the series
  • Insight-led messaging for each whitepaper, demonstrating industry expertise, and offering solutions that instantly resonate with audiences
  • Editorial and content design that apply information hierarchy principles to optimize editorial flow
  • A series of collateral that drive conversion on the DSM Engineering Materials website

Staying connected with our customers in the midst of a global pandemic is a huge challenge for us. As our account teams connect with very technical customers, having a succinct summary of our value propositions is critically important. The team at Rise has the right combination of technical know-how and attention to detail to help us work through these challenges and help us communicate with our customers more clearly.”

Editorial content creates a persuasive, informative journey—from defining industry challenges to offering a comprehensive solution.

Communications design applies the brand’s new visual direction to layouts and graphic elements.

A cohesive whitepaper series integrates seamlessly into the overall customer journey and optimizes lead generation.

Persuasive stories that bring complex information to life

Working together with the marketing team and subject matter experts at DSM Engineering Materials, we transformed a series of whitepapers to reflect the company’s new brand direction, while also updating its visual and editorial components to effectively communicate intricate subject matter. The four-part series helped DSM Engineering Materials to demonstrate its position of authority in the rapidly evolving automotive and electronics industries, and drive the adoption of innovative solutions necessary for a more sustainable future.