Content Strategy and UX Direction

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Content Strategy and UX Direction

Rethinking the ScienceDirect infosite for Elsevier

Elsevier is a Dutch publishing and analytics company with a focus on scientific, medical and technical content. Part of the RELX Group—the world’s largest publishing house—Elsevier offers a range of products and solutions including The Lancet and ScienceDirect journals, and the online citation database Scopus. By actively leveraging technology, the company empowers global science and health professionals with the insights and tools they need to make scientific advancements and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society.

In 2018, Elsevier sought to recreate its ScienceDirect infosite with the goal to increase conversion by effectively communicating the value of the ScienceDirect product. In collaboration with the team at Elsevier, we developed a comprehensive website strategy, and crafted each design and narrative element to create a simple and impactful customer experience.

  • A comprehensive content and UX audit of the ScienceDirect infosite delivers key learnings for a focused strategy
  • UX and content strategy define the roadmap to simplifying the user journey and telling the ScienceDirect story effectively
  • Graphic framework aligns with Elsevier’s refreshed brand guidelines while showcasing the ScienceDirect value proposition
  • UX design coupled with engagement-focused web copy creates a cohesive interactive experience for customers
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A holistic UX strategy, based on an in-depth audit of the existing site, maps the ideal user journey and defines the structure for the ScienceDirect infosite.

Content strategy creates a framework for incorporating Elsevier’s core message and tone of voice while maximizing user engagement.

Web copy, UX design, and graphic representations work together to bring the website strategy to life, creating a simple and engaging journey for Elsevier’s customers.

A web experience that optimizes engagement

To reimagine the ScienceDirect infosite, we worked together with Elsevier’s marketing and web development teams through various phases of the project. Our website strategy defined a simplified user journey and information flow for multiple pages, and carved out a content plan that focused on maximizing engagement. The resulting infosite creates a rich and easy-to-use experience, empowering customers to discover and understand the nuances of the ScienceDirect product, and how it helps them move research forward.