Employer Brand Platform

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Employer Brand Platform

Developing a brand extension for RBC’s refreshed Employee Value Proposition

The competition for highly skilled workers has intensified across the largest banks in North America. As the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the employer-employee power dynamic in favour of employees, financial institutions announced new benefits and perks to entice top talent to join their organization. To adapt to this changing marketplace, RBC developed a recruitment and retention strategy to invest in its people and transform how talented jobseekers see the brand.

As RBC prepared to reframe its employer brand experience, it needed a powerful brand strategy that not only aligned with the enterprise brand platform, but also differentiated its employer brand from the competition. We worked as part of an inter-agency team to support RBC through every stage of the refresh—with Rise taking ownership of competitive benchmarking and employer brand platform development, including the brand concept and verbal and visual languages, recruitment and retention campaigns, and providing guidance on how to implement the brand extension.…and employer brand platform development including the brand concept and verbal and visual languages, recruitment and retention campaigns…

  • An inspiring EVP statement centres employee/candidate needs and aspirations
  • A clear, human tone of voice aligns to the enterprise brand and brings the EVP values to life
  • A vibrant and ownable visual language amplifies the impact of each piece of collateral, while remaining fully aligned to the enterprise brand.
  • A clear, personal verbal language distinguishes the employer brand while staying true to the enterprise brand voice.
  • A bilingual, multi-channel ad campaign builds awareness of the full RBC employee offer
  • A workshop and video tutorial series ensures internal ownership of the new platform

The most well-considered brand extension our Enterprise Brand team has seen.

Georgia Balinsky
Senior Director of Brand Strategy, RBC

In-depth analysis of RBC’s enterprise brand, employees, North American competitors, and the global tech sector provide the strategic framework for the brand strategy.

A rigorous analysis of the strategic framework highlights areas of opportunity and informs key insights.

A refreshed EVP statement uses a strong emotional connection with a highly personalized approach, differentiating how RBC tells its story in a competitive market.

A distinct tone of voice for the employer brand pumps up two of the four enterprise brand drivers and is captured in comprehensive guidelines.

Digital and out-of-home campaigns build awareness of the RBC employee offer across transit system banners, online ads, and murals in Toronto’s PATH underground walkways.

Directing an on-site photoshoot with real RBC employees yielded bespoke images for the campaign.

A live webinar and video tutorial series provide guidance on bringing the verbal and visual identity to life.

A comprehensive brand refresh positions RBC as the employer that helps bring ideas to life

Our work laid the strategic foundation for the entire RBC brand extension and its campaigns. We enabled RBC to build all its collateral and communications around a single brand extension platform and roll it out across markets globally.