360° Marketing Campaign for Broadcasting Services

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360° Marketing Campaign for Broadcasting Services

Communicating the value of SES’s video offering

SES—the world’s largest satellite operator—delivers video to 367 million homes worldwide and distributes more than 8,300 channels via satellite. SES’s innovative video solutions empower its customers everywhere to expand audiences, engage viewers, and maintain a competitive edge in a highly disruptive broadcasting industry.

In 2019, SES and MX1 merged under one market-facing brand, SES, vastly expanding its portfolio to deliver end-to-end video services. In collaboration with the SES team, we crafted and brought to life an integrated marketing campaign to drive awareness around SES’s unified portfolio of video services and the value it delivers to customers.

  • Conceptual direction aligns multiple aspects of the 360° campaign
  • Web copy communicates key industry insights and unique selling propositions for each service, while staying true to the SES brand and its overall marketing strategy
  • Content marketing plan defines key areas of focus and blog ideas to inform and engage SES customers
  • Animated video amplifies the campaign narrative while incorporating core graphic elements of the SES brand
  • Email and social media campaigns drive awareness and engagement at every step of the integrated marketing campaign
Web content




This is the best animation project I have worked on with Rise Branding. The objective was to capture the essence of what we do on the video side of SES’s business. It had to be clear, to-the-point, and executed in an elegant way. Using only music, sound effects and text, we created a powerful animation that engages our audience and stands out from the crowd.”

A series of web pages—with content and supporting infographics—take a customer-focused approach to telling the story of SES’s video offering.

Insight-led blog posts across multiple content categories highlight the value of different aspects of the SES service portfolio.

An animated video combines text and motion graphics to create a distinct identity, and takes viewers on a journey through SES’s end-to-end video services.

A multi-platform campaign that maximized impact

The 360° campaign for SES’s video offering was created and fine-tuned in collaboration with the SES marketing team and subject matter experts. We approached each phase of the project with a clear understanding of the marketing objectives, and focused on telling a single, common story from different viewpoints, and through different media. The result was a highly impactful campaign that engaged and informed customers at multiple touchpoints. The campaign helped SES create and communicate a holistic picture of its video offering and the opportunities it enables for customers in a rapidly evolving broadcasting industry.