Asset Template Refresh

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Asset Template Refresh

Increasing the impact of SES collateral

Individual teams at SES were creating a wide variety of content. This lead to:

  • Unclear marketing funnels
  • Duplication of efforts
  • The same content being used at different stages of the funnel
  • An overall lack of cohesion in the brand’s content marketing approach.


At the same time, the teams had noticed the need to:

  • Improve the reading experience to better serve the content
  • Clarify pieces as brand or product level
  • Make it easier for teams and agencies to create new collateral
  • More wholistically unify the O3b mPOWER visual direction with the enterprise brand.


We analysed the marketing funnel and customer journeys to rationalize the library of available asset templates, with clear guidance on usage within a simplified funnel. We then developed an asset template system that:

  • Clearly labelled each asset type and its intent
  • Better served the content and reader experience
  • Created a singular branding approach to SES, including O3b mPOWER
  • Built templates that allow quick and cost-effective creation of aligned assets
  • Was applied across the entire library of key assets
  • Differentiated SES assets within the industry.

A simplified funnel and content marketing approach clarifies the purpose and position of each asset for the product marketing teams.

The refreshed template concept better highlights figures and insights, while ensuring agencies can create aligned content quickly.

A series of workshops ensured internal teams and partner agencies could properly use the funnel assets, asset libraries and templates.

A comprehensive update to the brand guidelines site ensured clear and strong guidance on the funnel strategy, and the refreshed templates and brand elements.

Evolving SES assets for more impact

Working together with the brand and marketing teams, we evaluated the challenges with the existing asset templates, and the creative outputs they had been producing. This allowed us to zero in on the elements we needed to shift as we evolved the existing brand templates. Driven by a clear strategy on the content types available for each part of the funnel, we developed and applied new asset templates that provide a more impactful reading experience while streamlining design time. Together, a series of targeted brand workshops and a comprehensive update to the brand guidelines site ensured full understanding of the refreshed approach to asset creation that delivers on the company’s strategy and brand direction. This enables the SES teams to produce more content marketing pieces more cost-effectively.