O3b mPOWER Branding and Communications

Visual Identity & Language, TOV & Messaging, Brand Guardianship, Editorial Content & Design, Infographics, Video & Animation, Spatial Branding & Wayfinding

O3b mPOWER Branding and Communications

Partnering to create the visual and verbal identity for O3b mPOWER

For governments and businesses worldwide, satellite plays a key role in enhancing operational efficiency, connecting all their sites—no matter how remote—to essential cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G applications. To meet its customers’ demands, SES has invested in medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellite technology, optimized to deliver high throughput, low latency connectivity over wide regions. O3b mPOWER—SES’s next-generation communications system—will offer terabit-level services, and unprecedented flexibility, scale and performance.

As SES prepared to unveil O3b mPOWER to its customers, it needed a powerful visual and verbal identity that aligned with the overall SES brand while communicating the unique value proposition of its next-gen communications system. In partnership with the team at SES, and drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the brand, we created a foundation for how every O3b mPOWER story is told—from core messaging to visual design.

  • A striking, purpose-driven brand expansion that informs every piece of communication around O3b mPOWER
  • A clear, ownable tone of voice focuses on communicating benefits as it relates to customer challenges
  • A sharp and consistent visual language amplifies the impact of each piece of collateral
  • Written content and visual assets for key campaigns deliver curated messaging to audiences across segments—strengthening the O3b mPOWER value proposition as it evolves
  • Spatial branding assets align key SES spaces to the O3b mPOWER identity, ensuring customers have a cohesive brand experience at every touchpoint

O3b mPOWER is highly strategic to the next phase of SES’s growth. So when it came time to fully develop the holistic brand identity and communications package for this innovative satellite constellation, we turned to Rise because we trust their talent, knowledge, and commitment to our success.”

A comprehensive playbook guides all partner agencies on creating impactful stories about O3b mPOWER, and helps develop and guard its visual direction.

An extensive range of editorial content—including online and print assets—brings the brand identity to life while highlighting the strategic value of O3b mPOWER.

Bespoke box and envelope mail-outs—with branded infographics, executive guides, and personalized letters—unveil the O3b mPOWER offering to SES’s most valued customer base prior to launch.

Internal campaigns use infographics, animations, and concise messaging to keep SES’s employees updated on key alliances with strategic partners, and the overall O3b mPOWER development journey.

Visual and verbal guidelines inform the creation of an online newsroom—a space dedicated to communicating the opportunities O3b mPOWER brings to different markets.

Applied graphics and branding for the O3b mPOWER lab in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, illustrate the system’s unprecedented capabilities, while building excitement around its launch.

A strategic branding effort that kickstarted and defined the O3b mPOWER story

Leveraging the depth of our long-term partnership with SES, we went beyond our original brand guardianship role with this project. By leading the O3b mPOWER brand extension, we enabled SES and its partner agencies to build all campaign collateral around a single narrative encapsulating how the constellation is transforming the space industry. This undertaking allowed our team to craft an extensive range of powerful communications that emphasize the value that the service brings to different campaign audiences. Our resulting work allowed SES to engage leads, customers, and stakeholders everywhere with the O3b mPOWER story.