Satellite Monitor Annual Study Campaign

Applied Branding, Editorial Content and Design, Infographics, Data Visualization, Video & Animation

Satellite Monitor Annual Study Campaign

46 markets surveyed
1700 targeted views

Turning big data into clear insights

Each year, SES—the world’s largest satellite operator—conducts the Satellite Monitor survey to shed light on key content consumption trends in target markets across the globe. The resulting insights demonstrate the brand’s market-leading position, and serve as a benchmark for the entire satellite industry.

To drive greater engagement on the annual Satellite Monitor campaign and strengthen SES’s role as a thought leader, the team was seeking a comprehensive framework that delivered on multiple objectives.

  • A distinct identity, visual aesthetic and editorial direction for both tactical and story-led campaign assets
  • A visual and narrative system capable of incorporating different data sets for diverse markets
  • A modular grid with sections that work independently and as part of the larger system
  • Sophisticated and easy-to-consume infographics and animations that clearly communicate large volumes of complex data
Image showcasing a customizable modular grid system built for the campaign.
Image showcasing a customizable modular grid system built for the campaign.

I’ve been working with Rise since 2016 and they have always delivered awesome visuals, designs, and video animations. They have mastered the art of making figures visually attractive and easy to digest—two aspects that are critical to the success of disseminating SES’s market research results.”

A highly customizable system displays different data sets for different regions.

Web content highlights the strategic importance of the Satellite Monitor Annual Study and its key focus areas.

Animated videos build on the visual and narrative framework developed for infographics.

A cohesive storytelling system

Working in collaboration with SES to understand its strategic objectives, we developed a powerful infographic system that’s effective across both static and motion graphics. Using this system, SES is able to consistently translate big data into visually engaging and easy-to-consume stories that communicate the satellite industry’s most important insights.