South Asia Report for World Bank

Applied Branding, Identity and Visual Language, Editorial Content and Design, Data Visualization, Marketing Campaigns

South Asia Report for World Bank

Creating a distinct graphic system and layout for Elsevier’s report

Elsevier is a Dutch publishing and analytics company with a focus on scientific, medical and technical content. Part of the RELX Group—the world’s largest publishing house—Elsevier offers a range of products and solutions including The Lancet and ScienceDirect journals, and the online citation database Scopus. By actively leveraging technology, the company empowers global science and health professionals with the insights and tools they need to make scientific advancements and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society.

In 2019, Elsevier and the World Bank joined forces to produce a 52-page report—the second to be designed in line with Elsevier’s newly refreshed brand guidelines. We supported the Elsevier team by interpreting the brand’s new visual language and applying it to multiple aspects of the report’s design.

  • Conceptual direction that fits within Elsevier’s new brand identity while capturing nuances of the report’s subject matter
  • Concept-based visual identity that creates a cohesive approach to designing the report and associated promotions
  • Editorial layout that maximizes clarity of information and accommodates complex statistical data
  • A promotional package that builds awareness about the report across multiple touchpoints
Image showing the cover design for the report.
Image showing the cover design for the report.

Rise worked with our team to find the right identity for this report, incorporating our brand style as well as conveying our message in a visually effective and pleasant way. These analytical reports are data-heavy and contain many graphs, and Rise worked to enhance their design while maintaining accuracy. Thanks to Rise’s efficient work, our key findings were highlighted, and our stories became fully apparent.”

A distinct visual identity package—incorporating our concept and Elsevier’s refreshed brand direction—guides the report’s design and promotional collateral.

A unique concept emphasizes the central theme of the report—collaboration in research across diverse regions.

Editorial design takes a structured approach to balance editorial flow with key data visualization pieces.

Event and online launch packages—including social media campaigns, digital banners, and handouts—help promote the report.

Setting the visual framework for future collateral

The South Asia Report for World Bank was a key publication for Elsevier, and the team entrusted us with being the first outside agency to work with the brand’s refreshed guidelines. After analyzing and decoding the new visual language, we crafted a concept and graphic approach that gave the report a distinct, branded identity while maximizing visual engagement. The visual system developed for the South Asia Report was adopted as a frame of reference for future reports published by Elsevier.